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burgled-batteries: The Talk (July 10th!)

I will be giving my talk on embedding CPython into Lisp (burgled-batteries) at Pyowa, on Tuesday, July 10th. The meeting is scheduled to start at 6PM CDT.

If anybody wants to show up and heckle me in person, the address is 4445 Corporate Drive, West Des Moines, IA (Google maps). But I understand if nobody wants to drive hours on end for that. :)

Unfortunately, I have been unable to confirm whether there will be a Google+ hangout for lispers to join in, or any video recorded. (I remain hopeful, because Pyowa has done them before, but can make no promises.) I'll try to pester the appropriate parties to link to either of those things from the Pyowa twitter feed, if they're available. You might also try Pyowa's youtube or Google+ accounts, just in case.

Apologies that I cannot be more definitive about the possible methods of remote participation. :/

Slides, and my current script, are already available (last run-through was ~35 minutes, somewhat less than my original timings, though I've expanded the latter half of the talk). Thanks to those who have taken the time to review and provide feedback on my earlier drafts. There's still time to offer some if you have any!

Tags: burgled-batteries, lisp, programming, python, talks
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