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Video of Burgled-Batteries Talk is Available

(This will be my last post on this talk, I promise!)

You can now watch my talk on Youtube, if you are so inclined.

Sadly, the first 22 minutes have an echo which makes it...awkward to listen to. Due to being very nervous, I stuck more closely to the script than in my rehearsals, though, so if you've read the talk you can skip the video. Q&A starts at 30:30; unfortunately I was a bad presenter and failed to repeat the questions (even after being reminded that I should, gah!), so my answers may not make much sense.

Nobody laughed at my scripted jokes, but people did say afterwards they found the talk interesting, so hooray for that! It was a lot of work, and I'm kinda happy it's over and I can get back to actual programming now. :)

Thanks to the Pyowa group for having me and recording the presentation, and also thanks to Textura for sponsoring both the meeting and drinks afterwards!

Tags: burgled-batteries, lisp, python, talks
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