pixel (pinterface) wrote,

A Minor burgled-batteries Update

Or: burgled-batteries isn't dead or forgotten, I've just been busy.

One of the downsides of liberally relying on CFFI internals is that changes to those internals can easily result in breakage, and some of the cffi-libffi changes did so. It took me entirely too long to get around to it, but I've finally updated burgled-batteries so it will actually run against CFFI in Quicklisp. Actually moving to the new style of (:struct *) and (:pointer (:struct *)) identifiers remains to be done, so there are a fair number of style warnings to ignore, but at least it will run.

I've also moved burgled-batteries to git. The official repo URL has not changed (it remains http://repo.kepibu.org/burgled-batteries), however there is also a github mirror, which may be moderately more useful if you'd like to browse the source or changes without cloning the repo, as it will undoubtedly be a while before I've got time to set up gitweb on my own host and get it functioning seamlessly in parallel with darcsweb.

New year, new job, new blog. I'd 301 redirect you if I could, but since I can't you'll have to click through to read comment count unavailable comments or leave your own.

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