pixel (pinterface) wrote,

Parsing robots.txt Files with Common Lisp

Do you use Common Lisp? Do you scrape web pages, and need to deal with the robots.txt file to play nicely?

Well have I got a deal for you! For the low, low price of absolutely free you too can parse robots.txt files with my Common Lisp library machina-policy1. See the readme for a brief overview.

Don't forget to join the mailing list to offer ideas, submit bugs, and make requests for improvement.

For more web-scraping fun, you might try some libraries with which I am completely unaffiliated and haven't yet tried: cl-web-crawler, cl-kappa, and css-selectors; or my own Oh, Ducks!.

  1. machina-policy was very briefly named robots.txt. How not to name a library, ladies and gentlemen.
Tags: lisp, robots.txt, web scraping

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