pixel (pinterface) wrote,

burgled-batteries: The Talk (Coming Soon?)

My local Python users group has expressed some interest in my giving a talk on burgled-batteries. I figured "hey, why not?".

They happen to be pretty good about recording presentations and doing Google+ hangouts and posting the videos to YouTube and so forth, so once I have a date for the talk and know where any of that stuff will be I'll mention where to find it and then the Lisp world can admire my awkwardness in front of a crowd, possibly maybe even join in and embarrass me with questions I should know the answers to but don't.

In the mean time, if anybody would like to help me with my talk, I'm all ears. I've got a draft here that currently takes 45-50 minutes to run through. Am I glossing over dealing with CPython too much? Is there anything fellow Lispers would like to see more or less of in the talk? Is it so terrible I should just toss it and start over? Etc.

It's a git repo, so you can do git clone http://talks.kepibu.org/2012/pyowa-bb/.git/ pyowa-bb if you feel the urge to send patches, but general advice would be great too. It'll be my very first talk, it'd be nice if it were at least mildly interesting to somebody somewhere. :)

Tags: burgled-batteries, lisp, programming, python, talks
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