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A Wedding in Nashville

A few years ago, my friend Sparky got married. I took a ton of pictures, but until now, never actually did anything with them. So let's reminisce.

All aboard the wedding train!
Choo!  Choo!

I took the opportunity of a wedding to take a vacation, and spent the week prior traveling and exploring Nashville. To keep things relatively short, we'll skip ahead to the rehearsal dinner.

Whenever putting large groups of people together, it's important to lubricate the conversation.
With alcohol, of course.
Are the drinks okay?
Two thumbs up!

If you aren't the most social of people, maybe you distract yourself by looking out a window. And what's this I spy across the street?

A couple on a date. We'll be sure to check up on them later.
Good luck, you crazy kids.
In our own party, merriment ensues.
Friends of the bride get along swimmingly with the groom.
And not one of them was single.
Later, the older generation shares its wisdom with the young couples.
The young couples listen intently.
But of course, not everybody chooses to have fun.
Grumpy Grandma

Speaking of good times, how's our date across the street going?

Not well, apparently.
Well, you can't win 'em all, young fella.

The rehearsal dinner over, it's time for the bachelor party!

The best man couldn't make it, but the groom and I decided to invite over some young, single ladies.
Raisin' the roof.
And, well, things may have gotten a little out of hand.
And in case you're wondering, yes, the groom disapproves of my joke.
He even put on a tie to make his disapproval more official.

Our wild stag night with the girls over, we head to bed. Tomorrow is the wedding, and we want to look our best. So we head off that morning for a quick trim.

Though not a hair is out of place, the groom still asks for a little off the top.
Seriously, this is not a man in need of a haircut.
Van Gough immediately gets to work, searching for that one stray hair to trim.
Intense barber stare.
The stray hair vanquished, all that's left to do is a quick rinse.
The man really knows his way around a scalp.

Our grooming needs met, it's finally time to head to the wedding venue.

As any photographer knows, it is vitally important to have a picture of the cake.
it's a cake.  Woo.

The cake picture out of the way, it's time to meet up with the bridesmaids and start rehearsing.

Helloooooo ladies.
Bridesmaids, looking fine.
As we wait to practice the processional, a bridesmaid and a groomsman take a brief moment to look incredibly suave.
Even the flowergirls get in some practice.
And it's adorable.
Three out of four bridesmaids think practice is going well!
You should probably look a little higher.
One of the bridesmaids breaks the tension by doing The Robot.
Bridesmaid may not have actually been doing the robot.

The ladies finish their part of rehearsal, and head off.

One of them made a poor choice in footwear.
Heels, on grass.  Not what I'd go with.

Now it's time for the men to rehearse.

The best man demonstrates the importance of remaining relaxed and well-hydrated.
Maybe he should share that wine with the groom.

Practice is over. And now it is the calm before the storm of guests arrive.

The flowergirl is looking cute in her dress.
The seats are ready.
A lonely musician strums his guitar.
As are the tables for the reception.
Silverware is set out.
The bride is nervous.
Am I ready for this?
And I am feeling artsy.
Witness my artiness!
But the guests were bussed to the wrong venue, so now ... we wait.
Tick.  Tock.
Eventually the guests arrive, and it's time for: a wedding!
Just follow the signs.

Actual wedding not pictured. But afterwards...

Wedding days can be long and stressful. The groom gets hungry and helps himself to a light snack.
Nom nom nom.
The newlyweds settle in for a quiet personal moment.
Well, so long as you crop out the wedding photographers telling them to pose.
But what's this? Grumpy Grandma has had enough!
Bye Grumpy Grandma!

The wedding done, post-wedding pictures taken, and short one grumpy grandmother, we move on to the reception.

Congratulations, you two!
The groom washes down his bouquet.

And then it's time for toasts! I wasn't supposed to prepare anything, was I?

The best man makes the mistake of impugning the groom's honor, and a fight breaks out.
A padawan waits in the wings for her chance to kill.
During which, the bride begins to rethink her decision to get married.
Everyone else is even more endeared to the groom.
The embarrassed bride peeks up to see if it's over yet.
You knew what you were marrying, honey.
The groom and best man look quite pleased with themselves.
Because they're nerds.

And here, we come to the end. The bride and groom drove off into the inky blackness, and everybody else went back to their hotels.


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