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The Opinions Expressed Herein are My Own

and any facts backing them are purely coincidental

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I'm just some guy. Most likely human. I am not personally very interesting, so I blog about things I work on. You may not be interested in that.

When I'm not being completely useless, I'm working.

I've been programming in one form or another since probably the third grade. MS-DOS batch files, Logo (thanks to pne for sending me the name), Linkway, BASIC, Visual BASIC, JavaScript, Java, C++, PHP, ASP (VBScript and JScript), Perl, and Common Lisp. I've also worked with SQL databases - MySQL, Oracle, and Access, to be exact. I have no idea why I felt the need to list any of those. What is this, a keyword-laden resume?

While I have no in-depth knowledge of the workings of any one language and no extensive training in programming, I seem to know enough to accomplish the tasks I set out to do. Unfortunately, I am not particularly quick even at simple things.

I tend to theorize far more than I implement. I rarely carefully think out a project before beginning to code it, and thus my code is often poorly organized. I am, however, trying to get better. I'm more a fan of the MIT approach than the New Jersey approach. This may be at odds with my actual development style.

When I'm not pretending to be a programmer, I like to read, relax, and ponder unanswerable questions. I never really paid attention in high school, even less so in the year I spent at college, but yet still managed to become a sort of teacher's pet.

I also like to draw and write. I think a lot - sometimes too much - but it's all good.